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Members at Beautiful Savior have several opportunities for service within the congregation. 

Altar Guild

Serving on Altar Guild is inspirational and uplifting, is mostly behind the scenes, and doesn't require a lot of time.  We prepare the altar and communion for all worship services throughout the year. Each of us serves approximately once a month for about 45 minutes before and after communion services and 10-15 minutes for services without communion.  Four times a year, we spend a wonderful couple of hours together preparing the church before and after Christmas and Easter.  We maintain and order our supplies, such as banners and linens, and communion, baptism, and seasonal supplies.  Both men and women are welcome to serve and make special new friendships.   Contact Beccie McHale for more information.



Participation in worship services is highly rewarding.  We welcome ushers, greeters, Scripture readers, and acolytes to help during the service.  Contact the church office for more information.


Music is a major part of our ministry in praising the Lord. It is part of our worship services and everyone is invited to participate.


Music Director: Jill Wright


Prayer Chain

Prayer requests may be submitted by email or phone to Linda Barth, or to the church office.  We encourage you to follow up your request with more information, such as praise for answered prayer, or a change in the status of the request.  No chain letters, web-lore, or urban myths will be accepted.  If the request is not for you or your immediate family, we recommend that you have the person's permission to post the request.



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