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Keep up to date on the missionaries funded in part by the Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church Local-Regional-Global (LRG) fund. Visit the LCMS website to learn more about how the LCMS missionary program is spreading God’s Word and how to provide additional support to our missionaries.

“And then at night he told them of the God who set the stars above them; who made the earth and them, and loved them; and of Jesus, His only Son, who came to die for them, and who would not only be their Savior, but their loving companion by day and by night; unseen, but always at hand, caring for each one of his children individually, knowing their joys and their sorrows.  Gradually he made them understand that he was the servant – the messenger – of this Christ, and had come there for the express purpose of helping them to know their unseen Friend.”

– From “The Man of the Desert” by Grace Livingston Hill

The Ritzman Family

Papua New Guinea

Michael and Beth Ritzman serve the Lord as missionaries of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) in Papua New Guinea. In this role, Michael serves as business manager. He interacts with the LCMS partner church in this country to coordinate all LCMS joint activities, including the operation of a seminary, Bible schools and projects that serve remote congregations.