A Word Of Thanks

A Word Of Thanks

Brothers and Sisters, I wanted to pass along a word of Thanks. Recently your BSLC LRG Fund allowed for a donation of musical instruments to a local Christian Worship and Study group at a local prison. Here is what some of the recipients had to say:

Thank you so much for making it possible for the inmates at our local prison to praise God to an even higher level. The drums have been delivered and are being used daily. God Bless You!
Enclosed is a Thank You card from the ISCC Prison Chapel. They are truly appreciative & so am I.
God Bless each one of you for your kindness and generosity. “

“We don’t know much about you, and you don’t know much about us; But your willingness to give, to be used by God, and to answer the call of our prayers to God is a big Blessing. As much as you have blessed us our Prayer is that God triples Yours. Thank You soooo much. The effects of your Generosity will be felt for time to come by all who hear the worship and are touched by God.
God Bless You.”

“The drums sound great and bring great energy to our worship. Thank you for the blessing”

“The blessing that worship among believers in this dismal place brings to those of us that are seeking His face is a necessity without parallel. Thank you for supporting us.”

“What a trendy blessing & renewed excitement in worship having these new drums! God bless you & thank you so much!”

“The new drums are a real blessing to our words team and the fellow Christians here, Thank You. And God bless you.”

“It is difficult to express how big of a difference a drum kit donation makes to us in here, but… it is HUGE! Thank you so much!”

“It is so amazing that God Blesses us even with Drums. Thank you may God Keep & Protect you.”

“Thank you for being willing to step out in faith and reach out to the men at ISCC. Your willingness to step out is an answer to months of prayer and a tremendous blessing.”

“Thank you for the drum set and may this card bless you all.”