The Season of Advent

The Season of Advent

I remember as a kid all the anticipation of Christmas.  It all started with receiving the Sears catalog in the mail in late November / early December.  The catalog was massive, as thick as a Bible, with all sorts of items to purchase.  Obviously, my brothers and I were solely focused on the toy section, and we would spend hours diligently marking all the items we most desired.  In addition, we did our best to sell our parents on what we had chosen.

Days and weeks would go by as Christmas approached with every waking moment thinking about all the cool stuff we marked and what we would get.  As I was thinking about this childhood memory, I wonder why I don’t have as much excitement and anticipation with the Advent season as I prepare to celebrate the birth of our Savior?

The weight of the world seems to bear down on many of us.  We get so consumed with the business of the Christmas season we lose sight of what we are truly thankful for.  For me, I am thankful for being called by the Holy Spirit through my baptism and the Word to be a child of God.  I’m thankful for my brothers and sisters in Christ (all of you!) who are there to support me and help shoulder together to carry out the path God has set before us.  All of this is focused on Jesus Christ and God’s plan of salvation for a broken and sinful world through the free gift of grace.  Is there any better present one could receive?

In this Advent season, my prayer for you is to rest in the peace of the Lord, knowing that He loves you so much he gave us the ultimate gift through Jesus Christ. As we celebrate Advent, this allows us to spend time in community with one another as the excitement and anticipation of Christmas fast approaches. Regardless of your age, I pray that the giddiness of Christmas infects you all as we stay focused on the best gift ever – What Jesus did for us on the cross.

Paul Petersen